We currently have 1 place available in our Year 1 class and 2 places available in our Year 2 class.

Children in Need - Friday 17th November

On Friday 17th November the staff and pupils of Tutshill C of E Primary School, went back in time to the 1980s to raise money for the Children in Need charity! One of our school’s values, compassion, was shown in abundance today.

Staff and pupils made a great effort with their costumes. There were leg warmers, rah rah skirts and neon colours galore. We had everyone from Cyndi Lauper to Michael Jackson, as well as the odd Ghost Buster and The Blues Brothers making an appearance. A short disco for all pupils was held in the afternoon and children danced away to some favourite classic 80s tunes. Children decorated cardboard money boxes at home and parents filled them with donations. We were astonished by their generosity. We do not have a final figure as yet, but to expect to raise in excess of £300. Great fun was had by all!

EPIC Day - 20th September 2017
What a fantastic day the children had! The children learnt many movements and why each should be used. The focus of the day was to capture the children’s imaginations and enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.
Year 5 said "We really enjoyed the warm up, the fun games we played and learning different kicking techniques.  The workshop was inspiring"
Nov 24

Year 1 Church


Nov 24

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