Our Chosen Charity

How we chose which charity to support

First of all the whole of school council got together, we discussed what information the class representatives needed to inform the classes. The class reps then gave information back to their classes. Each class then put forward to the reps two charities which they would like to support.

School council then chose the four most popular: water aid, RSPCA, SARA and Cancer research, which then were put to the school to vote out of. Unfortunately there was a tie between RSPCA and SARA. The whole school then voted again between the two. The treasurer counted up all of the votes. The charity that had the most votes was SARA and that will be the charity we are going to support.   

What is SARA?

Sara is a life boat station in Beachley, Newport and Lydney many people are saved by there presence. They are the largest independent lifeboat service. Sara doesn’t get any funding from the government.

At the end of last term the School Council presented a cheque to SARA, our schools chosen charity. The school took part in many wonderful fundraising activities for the charity, raising a total of £339.69. Please click on the link below to view the 'Thank You' letter.