Sports Premium and PE at Tutshill Church of England Primary

School Vision

Through the delivery of High Quality PE, our aim is that every child will leave our school enthused, motivated and inspired. We hope that every child will be confident to try new sports and many of them will excel. In Tutshill C. of E. Primary School, we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide a wide range of sporting opportunities for all our pupils.

Impact Statement 

The Sport Premium Funding has had the following impacts upon our school and our pupils, it has

  • enabled children to use their growth mindset to challenge themselves whilst taking part in new and exciting activities. They have also developed the skills to demonstrate our School Vision and Values.

  • provided a high level of challenge in this area of the curriculum for our children.

  • raised the skill level and confidence in children to participate in PE and various sporting opportunities.

  • increased children’s knowledge of the role that PE and sport can play as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • enabled children to take part in a greater range of PE/sporting activity and broaden horizons as to what is possible.

  • raised the profile of PE and Sport across the whole school community to help to make developments sustainable for the future.

  • allowed us to make links with outside Sporting providers and clubs.

  • Given the pupils in our school more ownership of the type of sporting activity they take part in through training Playground Leaders. This paves the way for them to become Sports Leaders or Higher Sports Leaders in future phases of their Education.





Youth Sports Trust     BAALPE??


Y5 swimming provision


Y1/Y2 swimming provision


Swimming gala entry & coach


Rookie Awards for Bronze level


Sports Day



£80 £260   £320   £360

Kwik Cricket Transport


Audit of PE equipment


Bought-in Curriculum Support

-       Archery


Bought-in Curriculum Support

-       Rubicon Dance

£960   £400

Bought-in Curriculum Support

-       Circus Skills


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Skippy John


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Yoga Workshops for every year group and after school staff session (1 hour)


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Rubicon Dance sessions


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Aerobic Table Tennis


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Gloucester Rugby health and well-being workshops.


Bought-in Curriculum Support: Healthy Living Week

-       Freestyle Football workshops


Sporting Dreams – Archery day


After School Archery






Total with resources


Attainment and Impact

We are tracking the children each term using our foundation assessment proforma. Data is then inputted onto SPTO, our school tracking system, at the end of the year. Prostars teach PE in each year group for part of the year and then the class teacher teaches PE for the rest of the year. This means that both class teacher and Prostars are responsible for planning and assessing PE. This year we have identified those children who are emerging in each aspect of PE and those who are exceeding. These children have been monitored and data has been included in the subject leader report forms.

Healthy Living Week

The School Council worked together to plan a week of exciting activities. The week was a great success and we invited a number of external providers into our school to lead workshops and training sessions. The children demonstrated and referred to our School Vision and Values throughout. They also used their growth mindset whilst challenging themselves to complete more unfamiliar activities.

Archery Taster Day:                                              

Year 1-6 took part in the sessions. The school was transfixed throughout the launch assembly and were enthusiastic about the sessions. Many children have expressed the desire to continue the sport and are going to look at the local archery club.

Sports for Schools Katrina Hart visit (Paralympic Athlete)

In October, Katrina Hart visited our school as a fundraising event. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the circuit of activities and they were intrigued to find out about Katrina Hart and her achievements. The children raised money for ‘Sports for Schools’ and the school were given a voucher to spend on sports equipment.

Rubicon Dance Sessions:

Each year group has taken part in dance sessions for one hour per week, for a term. Following this, they took part in an additional three/four sessions in preparation for a dance show in front of their parents/guardians.

Circus into Schools

We had a couple of highly entertaining days in the Spring Term, when ‘Circus into Schools’ came in to run circus-skills workshops for all our pupils. The children watched a fantastic demonstration and then took part in whole class workshops. They had a wonderful time, working together to learn new skills designed to develop their confidence and co-ordination, communication and self-esteem. The children responded well to the instructions given and learnt many new skills. The sessions were fantastic and the children enjoyed sharing their circus skills in a show at the end of the day which they performed to their parents/guardians.

Kwik cricket tournaments:

During the Summer Term, the Year Five and Year Six children took part in a Kwik cricket tournament against other Gloucestershire schools. They enjoyed the day and got to the final.

We booked a place to attend the Gloucestershire Kwik Cricket tournament for Year Three and Year Four but unfortunately this was cancelled due to poor weather. We were unable to attend the re-arranged date.


Year Two and Year Five have both had the opportunity to take part in a term’s swimming lessons at Lydney Swimming Pool.

Healthy Living Week:

Skipping Day:

‘Skippy John’ visited the school and ran whole school workshops. The children were motivated by these sessions and developed their skipping skills. They also took part in a presentation at the end of the day.

Freestyle Football:

The children watched a demonstration by Jamie Knight, a freestyle footballer. Then all children in the school took part in workshops. They learnt how to do tricks and how to control the football in different ways. They were motivated and challenged themselves to learn new skills.

Yoga Workshops:

The children all had the opportunity to take part in a yoga workshop. They had to think carefully about their breathing and the way in which they moved their body. The children thought carefully about mindfulness and how they can move in different ways, stretching a range of muscles.

The staff also took part in a yoga workshop after school which provided them with ideas and movements to use whilst working with children.

Visit from Rhys Jones – a Paralympic athlete

Rhys Jones was fantastic and he inspired the children. He spoke to all of the year groups brilliantly and the children then had the opportunity to ask him questions which he answered perfectly and at their level of understanding. The children were interested to learn about his life and his latest achievements. 

Aerobic Table Tennis

The children took part in workshops where they had to move to music using table tennis bats and balls. They had to complete courses and follow routines. They were enthused and loved moving in time to the beat.

Gloucester Rugby Health and Well-being workshops

The Year Five and Year Six children took part in workshops about healthy living. They completed practical multi-skills tasks and also listened to a presentation from a Gloucester rugby representative.

National Orienteering Day

Mrs Lawson and her team organised a fantastic day of orienteering activities. The children loved every minute and learnt many new orienteering skills.  It was great to see children working together using our school values of respect, perseverance and responsibility. 

            Calendar of events for the year:






Autumn 1


Paralympic Athlete visit


Autumn 1

Xperience Archery



Spring 1


Swimming Year Five– Bronze Rookie Awards.

Year 5

Spring 2

Circus into Schools

Two days of Circus Skills workshops


Summer 1

National Orienteering Day

A day full of orienteering activities planned and carried out by a parent.


Summer 2

Healthy Living Week

Yoga Workshops and Staff session


Skipping Workshop

Aerobic Table Tennis

Visit from Rhys Jones a Paralympic Athlete

Gloucester Rugby Health and Wellbeing workshop

Freestyle Football workshops


Summer 2


Swimming Year Two