2018 - 2019

Physical education is an essential part of what we teach at Tutshill Church of England Primary School: its goal is the development of the individual as a whole, not just their physical development or their proficiency in specific sports. It is present throughout our school day, starting before the bell has even rung and continuing through breaks and lessons to after school clubs. We aim to make our school as active as possible.

Through a focus on ensuring high quality physical education at Tutshill C. of E. Primary School, we provide young people with access to physical activity for life as well as building the foundation for future participation and performance in sport. A high quality PE programme will develop physical literacy and allow children to learn about themselves, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, self- expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. PE also contributes to the development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision making and analysis, and social skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.