Curriculum Intent

Tutshill Church of England Primary School: Curriculum Intent

At Tutshill School, we provide an inclusive curriculum that is creative, engaging and challenging. We encourage all children to lead their own learning by exploring the world around them and developing their own lines of enquiry. As well as delivering the National Curriculum in an innovative and creative way, we provide exciting opportunities for our children to explore the Informal Curriculum. All children are able to learn and achieve whilst developing the skills needed to become responsible, respectful and happy members of society that lead fruitful and productive lives. Our core Christian Values, which we link with British Values and key learning behaviours, underpin everything we do and encourage children to nurture their own spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Our School Curriculum has three main strands which are reflective of our School Vision and Values as a Church School.

Our Core Christian Values and Key Learning Behaviours


Meta-Cognition: the ABCDE model

Global Awareness and British Values

Our Curriculum is delivered through our seven core values of Compassion, Forgiveness, Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Courage and Perseverance. Our creative, thematic approach enables children to think deeply about a certain theme linked to one of our core Christian Values.

Our Learning Behaviours support children in developing the skills to become resilient, evaluative, reflective, curious learners with the ability to take risks, develop a love of learning and believe in their own potential

Meta-cognition is an awareness of an individual’s own thought processes and an ability to reflect on the way we think and learn. At Tutshill, we strongly believe that the children’s knowledge of how they learn is the key to them becoming confident, happy and independent learners.

The ABCDE model encourages independence and improves meta-cognition. In lessons across the curriculum, children ‘Activate’ previous learning; ‘Build’ on what they know; receive ‘Coaching’ to help them improve; ‘Do’ something to ‘Demonstrate’ their understanding and ‘Evaluate’ their learning.


At Tutshill School, we understand the importance of giving our children the opportunity to understand issues that are prevalent in society- both in Britain and the wider world.

Through our Hub Days we focus on key British values such as Democracy and Individual Liberty in order to give our children the time to explore and understand these fundamental principles. 

We respond to events which affect society in a proactive and charitable way, to enable children to be educated and informed in current affairs.  Within topics, teachers make reference to current issues on a global and national scale to ensure that learning is relevant and purposeful to children and the society they live in. Children leave Tutshill School prepared to play an active and productive role in society.