Tutshill C of E Primary School Governors –

Who we are and what we do.

Many people work hard to make Tutshill C of E School an excellent educational environment for your child to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.  While teachers and other staff often make themselves available for a chat, you might not get to meet the School Governors very often, so we’d like to tell you a bit about ourselves….

We are a group of local people who want to make a positive contribution to your child’s education here at Tutshill.

Did you know…?

  • School Governors form one of the country’s largest groups of volunteers – there are around 300.000 of us.
  • Governors come from every walk of life and many different parts of the community – you don’t necessarily have to be a parent to be one.
  • Tutshill C of E School has up to 16 Governors, including parents, staff, local people and church representatives.

 What do we do?

School governing bodies play an essential part in raising school standards. Ofsted (the monitoring body for schools) notes that the most effective schools demonstrate excellent leadership and management – and that includes the governing body.

As Governors at Tutshill, we have three important roles to play:

  • Setting Strategic Direction – We are involved in planning for the school’s future, setting the aims and objectives for the school, as well as agreeing policies & procedures to achieve them.
  • Ensure Accountability – We monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making against its objectives. We also monitor the budget.
  • Acting as a critical friend – We provide support and challenge to the Headteacher and teaching staff.

How do we do it?

Regular Meetings

We hold six full Governors’ meetings per year, which every governor attends. The minutes are available on the school website. We also have three committees:

  • Finance & Resources Committee – Monitors the school budget and capital expenditure. It also ensures the fabric of the buildings and the grounds are in good order.
  • Teaching & Learning Committee – Oversees the development and changes to the curriculum. It also has a role in advising on internal and external communication processes.
  • Human Resources Committee – Monitors staff performance, leads on staff appointments and the broad range of human resource matters, as well as children’s safeguarding.

Governors’ meetings include a variety of agenda items:

  • Updates from the Headteacher and other members of staff responsible for particular areas of the school curriculum.
  • Reports from each of the committees, including changes to school policies.
  • Review of school and pupil performance including finance, educational attainment and attendance.
  • Agree and monitor the delivery of the annual school development plan.
  • Discuss particular problems or issues and agree effective solutions.
  • An opportunity to thank staff and congratulate them on success and learn of pupil achievements.

School Governor Visits

Our Governors each have an area of special interest or subject link.  In undertaking this role they will join lessons and be involved in classroom activities and visits.  This enables the Governors to have a greater understanding of the classes and the curriculum being taught.  We all enjoy visiting the school and finding out from the children what they are learning, what they are finding difficult and the progress they feel they are making. We are supported in our work by a group of Associate Governors.

Governors can be contacted through the school office or  

e-mail:    clerk@tutshillcofe.gloucs.sch.uk