Meet the School Council

  • Ted


    Hi I’m Ted; I am chair of the school council. My vice chair is Orin and she will fill in for me when I’m not here and will support me. My favourite animal is a koala and I have a hamster called WATSIT. I am really excited to be the chair this year and I will try my best to help the school every way.

  • Orin

    Hi my name is Orin, and I am Vice Chair of the school council. The Chair is Ted and we will be working together a lot during my role in the school council. My favourite colour is orange and blue and my hobbies are: football, swimming, biking, dancing, netball, cuddling my guinea pigs, playing with my dog and seeing my friends and family. I will listen to everyone’s ideas and will try to do my best as Vice Chair.

  • Finley


    Hello my name is Finley and I am the communications team of the school council.
    I am 11 years old and my favorite thing to do is play video games; my favourite animal is a dog and I have one called Bohdi I am really excited to be in the school council this year and I will promise to try my hardest.

  • Eleanor

    Chair of the fundraiser committee

    Hello my name is Eleanor and I am chair fundraiser, I love animals, I have 3 pet guinea pigs and 1 dog. The other fundraisers raisers are Eva, Ffion Esme and Sunny I hope to be doing lots of outdoor fundraisers this year. I really love dogs.

  • Sunny


    Hello! My name is Sunny and I am part of the fundraising council. My aim is to be helpful and creative this year. My favourite animal is a dog and a sloth! Eleanor, Ffion and Esme will work with me as well.

  • Shanta

    Hi, my name is Shanta. My job in the school council is Vice Head of the Eco-Council. I will help by thinking of ways that our school can be eco-friendly. The head of the Eco-Council is Isobel, we work together to make this school as friendly to the eco-system as possible.

  • Cleo

    Hello I’m Cleo, I’m one of the secretaries. I’m looking forward to being in the School Council this year. I love dogs, rabbits and cats and I enjoy writing. I am also a really fast typer.

  • Esme

    I’m a fundraiser, I am good for this job because I am kind and I want to help people/animals as much as I can! I love playing sport and doing art, I adore dogs and love my dog Hector a LOT!

  • Lucy

    Hi my name is Lucy and I am one of the Global Ambassadors with Ffion and also part of the Eco Council. My favourite animal is a turtle and I enjoy climbing.

  • Sophia

    Hi I’m Sophia and I am an Eco-Council member, which means I help make the school better for the planet, for the planet like reducing our use of fossil fuels by walking or riding a bike.

  • Ffion

    Hello! My name is Ffion and this year I will be your Global Ambassador and I’m also part of the fundraising committee. My favourite hobby is football. My favourite animals are bunnies although I have one cat called Milly and two kittens called Ziggy and Hugo. I’m really excited to be this new role and help the school.

  • Isobel

    Hi my name is Isobel and I am the chair of the Eco Council this year. I shall do all I can to reduce our school's carbon footprint.

  • Cody

    Hi I am Cody and I am part of the Eco Council. My role involves helping the school to look after the environment and improve the outside areas of the school. My hobbies include playing video games, walking my dog Lola and drawing. I am really excited to be part of the school council this year.

  • Kitty

    Hi, I’m Kitty and I am secretary. The other secretary is Cleo. Our job is to write things down (that people are saying during the meetings) on a laptop, iPad or paper. Things that I enjoy out of school are dancing, playing outside (sometimes) and playing with my dog Oscar.

  • Elsi

    Hi I am Elsi and I will be your treasurer for this year. My role is to think about what we will need to spend this year. I will also be working with the fundraisers. If you have any possible ideas about what to spend the money on, then come to me.
    I enjoy swimming, cycling and playing with my dog!

  • Eva

    Hi my name is Eva,
    I am a fundraiser I like to help out and be kind.
    My favourite animal is a dog because I have a Frenchie called Pablo. My hobbies are netball, football and hockey.

Council Representatives
Year 1
Hello! My name is Izzy and I am in Year One. I would like to hekp my friends and make playtimes even better this year.
Hello! I am called Michael and I am in Year One. I am excited about being in the School Council and want to help to make playtimes better. I want to share my ideas with my friends.
Year 2


Hi my name is Amelia and I am the Year Two Rep.  I am looking forward to helping my friends and thinking of fun things to do.  I like playing tennis and reading books.


Hi my name is Sammy and I am the Year Two Rep. This year, I am looking forward to helping at lunchtime. I really like playing football and tennis.

Year 3
Hi my name is Holly and I am the Year Three Rep. I am looking forward to meeting with the School Council and feel excited and a little bit nervous about this. This year, I would like to help the children in my class to share their ideas. I like going to football and being part of a team.  I have two rabbits and lots of fish.
Hi my name is Jenson and I am the Year Three Rep. This year I would like to help organise new playground equipment and wet play games. I really enjoy parkour and running. I have a dog called Molly! 
Year 4
  • Emrys

    Hi I’m Emrys and I am the Year Four School Council Rep! I am really looking forward to making this school happy! I really like to play football with my friends and I really like computing.

  • Daisy

    Hi I am Daisy and I am a Year Four School Council Rep! I am looking forward to seeing what we could do to help the school and make it look it’s best. I like to ride my horse Perry. I find him really cute I respect people and listen to them when they’re sad. I always listen to people when they are talking to me.

Year 5
  • Mia

    Hello I’m Mia and I am the Year Five School Council Rep. I’m so happy to be one and would like to do and add many things like more toys in the wet play box and maybe from the class as well. Maybe I would add some more flowers in the garden as well as cleaning the pond. I enjoy riding out of school.

  • Oban

    Hello my name is Oban and I am the Year Five School Council Rep. My goal this school year is to improve on our garden areas and resource's. I think this will be a great year and we will achieve a lot we should always try to be helpful for looking after the school playground, the building itself and the younger children. We also should celebrate the other children's work around the school so it can be appreciated by the whole school.

Year 6
  • Ashley-Jo

    Hello, my name is Ashley-Jo and I'm a Class Rep and I would like to help with the eco and I love my cats and my dog. I will take everyone's suggestions in and try make them all possible if I can - everybody will get a chance to tell me their ideas. I like playing Roblox and sleeping!

  • Jack

    Jack C
    Hi my name is Jack, I love my dog Milo and my family.
    I like to go out on my bike, walking Milo, playing football and Minecraft.
    I’m a Year Six Rep, I got this role because I had great ideas like a kindness chart and season challenges.