Probity Statement

Probity Statement 2016/2017


The Nolan Committee’s Report (1996) published seven principles applicable to public spending bodies, five of which are particularly pertinent in the management of school finances:

  • objectivity
  • accountability
  • openness
  • integrity
  • honesty

These principles are adhered to, and governors act responsibly to prevent improprieties occurring in the operation of school finance procedures.


Budget Statement

Reconciliations take place monthly by the School Business Manager and reports are monitored by the Finance Committee on a termly basis.


Pie Charts for Income and Expenditure

The pie charts below illustrate the school’s major sources of funding and expenditure:

We typically operate with a reserve between 5% and 8% which is the recommended contingency level set by Gloucestershire County Council.  The reserve for 2016/17 was higher than the recommended amount due to funds set aside for the new building project and ring fenced funding for expenditure on Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.  Details of how this funding has been spent can be found under the ‘Learning’ section of the website.

To ensure Tutshill School meets the five stated principles in the Nolan Committee report, we conduct a benchmarking activity, with information from the Department for Education and Arbor taking into account recommendations from Gloucestershire County Council audit and the schools’ internal annual audit.