Meet the School Council

Year 6
  • Heather

    Hi my name is Heather and I am the Chair of School Council. Eliza is the vice chair if I am not here she will take over the roll of chair. I help come up with ideas and help keep meeting under control. I like big cats and my favourite animal is a tiger and my hobby is tennis. I am really looking forward to be part of School Council this year.

  • Thomas

    Thomas Chair of Eco Council !!!

    Hi my name is Thomas and this year I’m the chair of eco council . This year we are working
    on being an eco friendly school but this will take a lot of co-operation from you all and together
    bit by bit we will save the environment... Me and the other eco warriors will love to support
    you however we can .Also this year we will try and make the garden nice and beautiful so you
    can enjoy it during your breaks and lunch but again we’ll need your help.

    By THOMAS (chair of the eco warriors)

  • Alicia

    Hi, my name is Alicia and my part of the School Council is Chair of Fundraising Committee. The fundraisers think of fun and exciting things that us children can take part in. I would love to think of different ideas to raise money for our chosen charity, whilst having fun! Outside of school, I do ballroom dancing, swimming and art. Due to covid-19 lots of things have changed in school and outside of school, but that doesn't mean that we cannot think of new things that we can do and enjoy! I will be working closely with the other members of our fundraising team and I can't wait to start thinking of different ideas for every one to take part in!

  • Minnie

    ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. My name is Minnie and I share my role with Henry. Our role is very important as we have to upload and update info on the website. I can not wait to start the role. For the job, you need to be quite a fast at typing. You also be organised other wise the website will not be updated updated regularly updated. I enjoy art and video games. I am really looking forward to being part of School Council this year.

  • Henry

    Hi, I am Henry and I chose to take on the role of ICT communications officer because I really like working with computers. I am ten years old and my hobbies include playing video games and football as well as playing on my trampoline. I am really pleased that I have been been chosen to complete this role with Minnie as I feel that I can help to improve the information on the website all about our School Council.

  • Seren

    Hi, my name is Seren and I am part of the fundraising Committee. I am very compassionate about helping people and the world around us. I am looking forward to working with the School Council this year.

  • Maddy

    Hello, my name is Maddy and I am part of the Eco-Council. I would really like to help to make our school more eco-friendly. I would also like our school to achieve the Eco-School award. When I am older I would like to buy an electric car because I feel that it is more environmentally friendly. I will also be very involved in recycling. I am looking forward to being part of the Eco-Council.

  • Xander

    My name is Xander and I am treasurer for the School Council. The most important duty of a treasurer is to be a good custodian of the student council’s money. This means collecting information; recording all the money coming in (like from the fundraising committee) and what all the money is being spent on (like something for the school Christmas fayre). There is a second treasurer duty that's almost as important as the first: You must provide financial information to support decision making for the team on the School Council.

  • Isobel

    Hi I'm Isobel, and I'm a part of the School Council. My job is to make sure the Communication Officers know what the fundraisers ideas are and to take notes of what they say. My job is called the Fundraising Communications Officer. As a fundraiser, we encourage fundraising to happen more around the school to raise money for our own charity, PTA and other national fundraising events. I am looking forward to completing this role.

  • Eliza

    Hi I’m Eliza and I’m Vice Chair of the School Council. I will be working closely alongside Heather who is Chair of School Council. I will be listening to all your ideas and will be merging all your ideas together to come up with a decision . If you ever need to talk to me about something or have some questions I am here to talk to. I would like to help the school and make it even better than it all ready is. I will make sure you are heard and listened to.

  • James

    Hello, I am James and I am part of the Fundraising Committee. I will go to the meetings and share ideas to help fundraise. I will listen to the classes and think about the their ideas and check if they are possible due to Covid-19. If they are, I will tell the Fundraising Committee if they agree. We will tell the council and we might be able to do it. I am really looking forward to being part of the Fundraising Committee.

  • Zacheri

    Hello, my name is Zacheri and I have wanted to be a Class Rep since Year One. I like to put my decisions out there and I would like to try and make things even better at our school. At break times, sometimes people don't have anyone to play with and l don't want that to happen to anyone anymore so I will be helping these people. My favourite animal is a black panther. My hobbies are rugby , football and cricket.

  • Catherine

    Hi I'm Catherine and I'm part of the Eco-Council and in fact I'm the secretary. I have been chosen to be the secretary because I love writing really fast and I love to keep the environment healthy because we need to be more friendly towards the environment as a school. I cannot wait to start this role!

Council Representatives
Year 1
  • Maisie

    Hello I am Maisie and I am the Year One School Council Rep. I like to help people and I really enjoy my play times.

  • Fraser

    Hello I am Fraser and I really like school. I also like to help people if they get hurt at play time. I am the Year One School Council Rep.

Year 2
  • Coby

    Hello, I am Coby and I am looking forward to being the School Council Rep for Year Two. I like playing games and playing with my toys at home.

  • Dolly

    Hello, I am Dolly and I am the Year Two Class Rep for the School Council. I like reading and writing and I enjoy doing exercise in my garden. I am looking forward to being in School Council because I want to help other children.

Year 3
  • Daisy-Mae

    Hello, my name is Daisy-Mae and I want to help people to make the right decisions. I enjoy trampolining and playing with my little brother. I am good at horse riding and gymnastics.

  • Dexter

    Hello, my name is Dexter and i will help people to be responsible and caring. I also want to help people in need. I enjoy playing and riding my bike.

Year 4
  • Cameron

    Hello, I am Cameron and I like football and rugby. I am very proud to be in School Council.

  • Betty

    Hi, my name is Betty and I enjoy playing with my friends. I would like to help people and make sure that play equipment is used properly.

Year 5
  • Xander

    Hi, I am called Xander and I am the Year Five School Council Rep. I am excited to help look after the school and make people here happy. I would really like to make the school even better than it is now.