The school strives to achieve the highest level of academic, social and spiritual development in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.  We encourage respect and tolerance for each other, supported by our Christian values.


The core values at Tutshill C of E Primary School are: creativity, compassion, respect, responsibility, courage, perseverance, forgiveness and creativity. These core values underpin all that we do at Tutshill and are at the heart of decision-making and strategic direction.

“Values underpinned by Christian teaching, are integral to the whole life of the school and have a strong impact on children’s academic achievement, personal development and well-being, ensuring that standards of learning are good.”

SIAMS November 2015

Values are embedded in many ways throughout school life. In Key Stage One, the children have ‘valumals’ to hook the values and behaviours to. The ‘valumals’ are also an opportunity for children to explore and explain Values in action.

“They enjoy explaining how they tackle their work like a lion, tortoise or an ant, which they link to the school’s values of courage, perseverance and hard work.”


The core Christian values support all areas of the curriculum and are closely linked to our learning behaviours. Staff have met regularly to discuss the way in which the Christian Values are linked closely to the learning behaviours the children show. To embed these values and behaviours a teaching and learning approach provides children with the vocabulary and examples to recognise this in their own learning and that of others. This is recognised through modelled language and stickers which highlight the value and behaviour shown.