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From September 2015, the government reduced the persistent absence (PA) threshold from15% to 10%, therefore any pupil whose attendance is 90% or less will be deemed persistently absent.

Persistent absence will be assessed on a cumulative basis so a pupil can come in and out the category but in real terms, a child or young person who misses 38 sessions (each day contains 2 sessions) over a full academic year will be classed as persistently absent, this can be as little as 5 or 7 sessions each term. 

Persistent absence from school has a detrimental effect on a child’s educational progress and attainment.

Good Attendance + Punctuality = Success

Attendance & Punctuality Guide

Attendance and punctuality at Tutshill C of E School is viewed as a shared responsibility of the school staff, governors, parents, pupils and the wider community.

We welcome new ideas and strategies on how to help us improve the attendance and punctuality of our pupils.

We offer support consistently to pupils and their families around issues relating to attendance and punctuality.

Please email attendance@tutshillcofe.gloucs.sch.uk or leave a message on the school's absence line on 01291 622593, Option 1, if you wish to report your child's absence.


2023-2024 Term 2  
Whole School Target - 100%
     91.50%    Reception
96.20%    Year 1
95.60%    Year 2
95.10%    Year 3
93.90%    Year 4
95.70%    Year 5
 94.30%     Year 6 
         94.60%    Whole School
 68 Pupils Achieved 100% attendance