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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning the Tutshill Approach

The Tutshill C of E Primary School approach to teaching and learning is built on, supports and develops the school's vision and values. The teaching and learning environment and methodology drive a highly aspirational culture that fully encompasses and supports the Christian ethos.

We aim for our children to leave Tutshill C of E Primary School with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, skills and motivations that will help them to develop a love of learning and allow them to tackle whatever challenges their future holds. 

We believe that the subjects that we teach through the National Curriculum and the Tutshill Curriculum should enable children to:

 Express their own opinions and make sense of the physical, social and cultural world around them.

  • Understand, communicate and empathise with a wide range of people, within their own immediate environment and those further afield.
  • Explore the ideas of a range of people and disciplines and develop and formulate their own ideas through experimentation and investigation.
  • Have the time and opportunity to experience a sense of awe and wonder.
  • Have knowledge, understanding and skills which ultimately enable them to become independent members of society.

Through a curriculum which emphasises creativity, curiosity and imagination we aim to develop confident and ambitious learners who demonstrate our key school learning values of Perseverance, Courage, Responsibility, Respect, Creativity

 ABCDE Approach 

The ABCDE model is a bespoke metacognitve approach developed by the staff team at Tutshill. It is both a teaching paradigm and a method for children to develop themselves as independent learners.  Metacognition enables learners to monitor their own learning, make choices and changes as appropriate. It allows learners to be in control of their learning. The ABCDE approach is the way in which we teach and support children to apply metacognitive principles to their own learning.

The Tutshill ABCDE metacognitive approach involves teachers modelling the planning, monitoring and evaluation of learning and children planning, modelling and evaluating their own learning during each stage of the learning process.

Both teaching and using reflection as a learning strategy is an important aspect of the ABCDE approach and enables learners to develop from tacit learners through to aware, strategic and finally into reflective learners.