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Our Eco-Council are working hard and are hoping to achieve the Eco-Schools Green Flag award again this year. They have carried out a survey of the school and created an action plan based on the data they discovered. We have uploaded a copy of the audit below.


Our Eco-Council's three main aims for this year are focusing on litter, marine life and transport. A copy of our Eco-Council's action plan is uploaded below if you would like to take a look...

Our Eco-Council have just re-launched a crisp packet project. They have asked the children to bring in old crisp packets and then the packets are going to be ironed together to create blankets for the homeless. 

Our Eco-Council have also started a regular news bulletin called 'Eco-News' which is uploaded to Seesaw for members of our school community to watch. They have also created some posters to inform our school community about our aims for the year.

We have also uploaded minutes from our Eco-Council meetings below.


Minutes of our Eco-Council Meetings
Eco-Council Action Plan 2022- 2023