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Worship Club

We are very proud of our Worship Club, which is made up of children from our Year 6 class. Their role is to ensure all members of our school community have interactive and inspiring opportunities to worship, pray and reflect as part of their school day. 

At the end of each term, the Worship Club will plan, lead and evaluate a Whole-school worship that reflects what we have learnt about our term’s value. The children lead this worship (which involves children from every year group) and it is very exciting to see the creative and engaging ways they deliver this worship to the whole school community.

The Worship Club have also been instrumental in the services that take place at the St. Luke's Church every fortnight. As well as supporting the Church in delivering special services at important services throughout the year.

Experience Easter
Worship Club delivered a fantastic 'Experience Easter' for all of the school to take part in and enjoy. It was a great opportunity for us to explore and reflect on the importance of Easter and the sacrifices Jesus made.