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Global Awareness


Our vision at Tutshill Church of England Primary School is ‘Love One Another, Know Ourselves and Believe and Grow’ and our ethos states that we strive to achieve the highest level of academic, social and spiritual development in a safe, caring and inclusive environment.  We encourage respect and tolerance for each other, supported by our Christian values. To achieve this we feel that Global Awareness is an essential part of our children’s education if we are to equip them for life in Modern Britain. We teach the children that what happens in the rest of the world has an impact on them, but also, what they do has an impact on the rest of the world.

Global Ambassadors

This year we have introduced the role of Global Ambassadors to our School Council. Our Global Ambassadors promote Global Learning/Citizenship within the school. They meet each half term to decide and discuss current initiatives.  

Global Awareness throughout the Curriculum

Throughout the curriculum, we explore a wide and diverse range of artists, musicians, sculptors and scientists in order to broaden the children’s understanding of the world beyond their own experiences. In Geography, children are able to carefully consider contrasting places across the world, where everyday life experiences are very different to their own.

In PSHE and Religious Education, we take time to explore the beliefs, faith and traditions through multi-faith studies. We value difference and take time to make links between other religions and Christianity.

Global Awareness in Class Worship

We ensure through our ‘Meet our Friends’ initiative, ‘Newsround’ class worship and Picture News resource, that our children have the opportunity to pray for people and reflect on events across the world within their daily worship.

Global Awareness and Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide free, affordable and uncapped WiFi in South Africa. Through Project Isizwe, we have developed a link with the staff and children at Kwazamokuhle School in South Africa. The children have taken part in a 'Teams meeting' with pupils from Tutshill and have even exchanged Christmas Cards! We have loved getting to know more about the culture and life experiences of the children in South Africa.