From September 2015, the government is reducing the persistent absence (PA) threshold from15% to 10%, therefore any pupil whose attendance is 90% or less will be deemed persistently absent.

Persistent absence will be assessed on a cumulative basis so a pupil can come in and out the category but in real terms, a child or young person who misses 38 sessions (each day contains 2 sessions) over a full academic year will be classed as persistently absent, this can be as little as 5 or 7 sessions each term. 

Persistent absence from school has a detrimental effect on a child’s educational progress and attainment.

Our schools minimum target for pupil attendance for 2015/2016 is 97%

Tutshill School will be implementing the following strategies in order to increase overall attendance among its pupils:-


Each week the class with 100% attendance will receive an attendance reward card in celebration assembly on Monday morning. 

Each Monday we reveal the colour team with the greatest attendance.


Children who achieved 100% attendance for the term will receive a certificate and leaf to put on the attendance tree display.

On the last day of term, the colour team with greatest attendance is able to wear their teams colour to school. Unfortunately this cannot be football kits or fancy dress outfit.


The class with the most 100% attendance reward cards at the end of the year will receive a class reward.

Individual children with 100% attendance at the end of the school year will receive a certificate and will have the chance to share this achievement with their peers and take part in an activity.

Good Attendance + Punctuality = Success

Attendance & Punctuality Guide

Attendance and punctuality at Tutshill C of E School is viewed as a shared responsibility of the school staff, governors, parents, pupils and the wider community.

We welcome new ideas and strategies on how to help us improve the attendance and punctuality of our pupils.

We offer support consistently to pupils and their families around issues relating to attendance and punctuality.


School and registration starts at 8.55am. Children should be lining up on their playground before this time. Any child arriving after 9.00am must enter the school via the school office and sign in.

Children arriving after 9.00am are marked as late on the internal schools register.  The register officially closes at 9.30am and any pupil arriving after this time will be recorded as a ‘U’ code as advised by the Department for Education. The ‘U’ code is used to show that a child is in school but arrived after the registers closed and is classed as an unauthorised absence.

Late arrival disrupts the learning and focus of those children who are ready and willing to begin their day as well as those who have arrived late. We have this rule in order that children learn vital life skills and are prepared for the day ahead.

Absence due to Illness

If your child is too ill to come to school, you must contact the school office before 9.00am to inform them of the reason for your child’s absence.

If your child is absent for more than 3 days then a copy of their prescription, or a note from a Medical Professional will be required to show to the school office. If this is not received, any further absences will not be authorised.

Parent / Carers are required to update the school office each day of their child’s absence.  You can do this by calling the usual school number and selecting option 1.

Absences due to other circumstances

Should you feel you have to keep your child off school for any reason, and this is unavoidable, please inform the school as soon as possible.

Should leave from school be required to attend an event following bereavement, the school would be sympathetic to reasonable requests for absence. These would be classed as authorised. You can find leave of absence request forms on the school website or at the school office.

Medical & Dental Appointments

Where possible, please make all GP and Dental appointments out of school hours.

Please only take your child from school for medical or dental appointments shortly before their appointment time, and return them to school immediately after.

Please provide proof of all appointments to the school office – such as appointment cards or appointment letters.

Please be aware that we understand hospital appointments cannot always be had out of school time and we do appreciate that these cannot be changed. However, please still provide a copy of the appointment letter or card.

Application for Leave of Absence during term time

Requests for leave of absence during term time must be applied for in advance by completing an official request form and submitting it to the Headteacher.

Holidays are not permitted during term time.

Absences of this nature shall be considered by the Headteacher on an individual basis and shall only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.  Depending on circumstance, proof may be required.

Penalty Notices may be issued to parents who take their children out of school without authorisation or permission.

Our rules and regulations around attendance and punctuality are there to ensure the safety and well-being of your children, and to ensure that every pupil is given the opportunity they are entitled to learn, grow and achieve to their highest expectations.