Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral part of the school day at Tutshill Church of England Primary School. It aims to foster the spiritual development of all members of the Tutshill family. Collective Worship is delivered by the Head teacher, members of the teaching staff, the pupils and members of the ministry team from St Luke’s church. 


“Collective worship is explicitly Christian and central to daily life at Tutshill. Distinctive Christian values are promoted very effectively during collective worship.”

SIAMS November 2015


Our Collective worship offers opportunity for stillness, prayer, worship and reflection. The use of Roots and Fruits resources, iSingPop and child-led worship ensures all members of the Tutshill family experience many different types of worship. For example, music and singing with iSing Pop; story, reflection and prayer through Roots and Fruits and global awareness through our weekly news 'Picture News'.

Each week, there is a celebration worship where all members of the school community come together to celebrate success and achievement. This is a great opportunity to see our Christian values in action as children explain how they have used values in their daily life.

The school has a close link with the local church, St Luke’s, where the children enjoy a termyl service as well as celebrations for Christian festivals throughout the liturgy calendar. The ministry team work closely with staff to ensure the worship is inspiring by planning and evaluating the impact of worship for the children.