Our Chosen Charity

Priority 1

The school held a vote to decide which charity to support this year. We decided on the RSPCA. This year we will have three themed events to help raise money for that charity.   So far, we have held one event, the Christmas Biscuit Bake Off competition, which was hosted by Year three and four. This event was a great success and we raised over forty pounds so we will definitely do more things like this. But for now watch out for the next event!

5.3.18 Update.

Year 1 and 2 will be holding a Spring Garden Competition on Monday 26th of March children from all classes can enter.


Priority Two

We talked with Mrs Cooper in meetings about how to make playtimes better for everyone. Members of the School Council asked all children to make suggestions about how we could make school better. We listened to all the ideas and suggestions and tried to include as many as possible. We worked together to add equipment to the playground boxes for everyone to use. This was a great success. We also suggested that if someone was having trouble at lunchtime there would be a member of the School Council in a classroom for them to go to and talk about anything that was bothering them. This idea is being developed. Watch this space for further news!


Priority Three

We looked at the questionnaire returned last year. Lots of people said they would like more after school activities so we met with Mrs Cooper and she agreed to meet with Prostars and discuss new activities for during and after school.

Since then there has been a new hockey club, netball club, gardening club, cookery club and a traditional games club. There are more plans for even more events and activities Spring and summer term.


Last year our chosen charity was SARA at the end of the year, the School Council presented a cheque to SARA. The school took part in many wonderful fundraising activities for the charity, raising a total of £339.69. Please click on the link below to view the 'Thank You' letter.