What Will My Child Learn?

The National Curriculum is delivered through a topic based approach in all classes.  The main topic focus is used as a starting point and as many subjects as possible are delivered through the topic; some however still have to be discreetly taught.  The school focuses on the development of learning behaviours through the use of assessment for learning approaches used by teachers such as feedback and marking. Children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and to develop ownership and an appreciation of what the next step in learning is for them. Children are encouraged to answer questions posed by teachers which will have been carefully thought out and posed to that individual. Teachers use Blooms Taxonomy to allow children to gain a deep understanding of the subject matter being delivered.

Our Christian values permeate the curriculum that we teach and very often the children will learn through the value, the content of the subject. Delivering the learning in this way can make it meaningful and contextual for our learners, ensuring they get the most from their time at school.

We take a pragmatic approach to the content and endeavour to tailor children’s learning to their needs, this sometimes involves focusing on key learning, our curriculum and teaching and learning is focused on the development of skills and learning not on content delivery.

The National Curriculum covers Year 1 – Year 6.  Teachers plan together in the following way:

Year 1 & Year 2

Year 3 & Year 4

Year 5 & Year 6

The classes learn through the same topic and teachers plan for progression through the learning objectives and outcomes for the current year.

To maximise content delivery and avoid repetition in the year groups, we have a Year A & Year B curriculum map