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What is TrickBox?
At Tutshill C of E Primary School, we teach children healthy life habits through our Trickbox programme. 

Trick Box is a simple, fun and effective whole school, whole journey, emotional management and personal development programme, supporting children and young people from ages 3-18 and their families.

Evidence-based, inclusive and developing mental wellbeing in line with DFE guidelines, Trick Box programmes develop positive life habits to help deal with challenges in the here and now as well as building a repertoire of personal skills for the future, helping individuals to thrive.


We do this through the 4Cs - 

The Trickbox programme provides a progressive set of strategies for children to build a bank of positive life habits for the future. The strategies provide children with the skills and knowledge to get the best from themselves, others, school life and the wider world. There are also resources and opportunities for parents/carers and teachers to brush up on their own skills so that everyone is on the same page. 
One of our communication tricks: Big YES!
One of our creativity tricks : MArevellous ME!
One of our confidence tricks: Mirror, Mirror!